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About Us

ZADK Saudi Culinary Arts Academy is a non-profit and independent Saudi company dedicated to transforming the Saudi Arabian food sector. Our mission is to build a top-quality, best-in-class culinary academy that serves as a platform for social change, supports Saudization efforts, and contributes to eradicating unemployment.


Founded by Mrs. Rania Moualla, a Saudi philanthropist, our academy aims to provide youth with the opportunity to achieve the highest level of academic excellence in culinary education.


Our Approach 

We believe in a hands-on approach to learning. Our students receive practical, real-world experience to prepare them for careers in established food businesses both locally and globally. Our curriculum is designed to blend traditional Saudi culinary arts with modern techniques, ensuring our graduates are versatile and competitive in the international culinary scene. 


Our Impact 

Through our programs, we aim to: 

– Drive Social Change: By providing quality education and training, we empower individuals to create positive change within their communities.

– Support Saudization: We are committed to preparing Saudi nationals for successful careers in the culinary industry. 

– Combat Unemployment: By equipping our students with valuable skills and knowledge, we help reduce unemployment and create new opportunities in the food sector.

Join us at ZADK Saudi Culinary Arts Academy, where passion meets excellence, and together, we can shape the future of Saudi Arabian cuisine. 

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Driving positive social change through culinary educational excellence & innovation.


Developing passionate individuals, regardless of social background, as culinary leaders, and ambassadors for local, sustainable, and healthy culinary practices.

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Message from the founder

For some, food is a routine part of life. For others, the culinary arts are a calling—a real passion. At ZADK Saudi Culinary Arts Academy, we share this passion. The development of professionals who will move the culinary arts forward is the mission that drives us.


ZADK Saudi Culinary Arts Academy provides an invaluable foundation for passionate Saudis who aspire to be chefs and restaurateurs. We aim to nurture students’ creativity and imagination while they broaden and develop their culinary knowledge. Under the expert guidance of our chefs in state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, our students hone their essential cooking skills.


The Academy’s comprehensive training prepares students for their future in the culinary arts and provides employers with competent individuals who add value in a professional environment. By directly sponsoring a ZADK Saudi Culinary Arts Academy student or offering an internship within your business, you will provide a talented, passionate Saudi with the platform to realise their career aspirations.


Your contribution towards the growth and development of the cultural life and industry of Saudi Arabia will ensure The Kingdom’s place on the international culinary stage, standing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s finest.


We thank you for your interest in our work and mission, and I hope you will be a part of our story!

Warm regards,

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Board Members
Mrs. Rania Moualla
Mrs. Rania Moualla Founder & Chairman
Mr. Mark Alderson
Mr. Mark Alderson General Manager
NESMA Catering
Mrs. Noaf Alturki
Mrs. Noaf Alturki Co-Founder & VP
RAWABI Holding
Mr. Badr Alreziza
Mr. Badr Alreziza Board Member & Executive Director
Mr. Rakan Tarabzoni
Mr. Rakan Tarabzoni Corporate Communications Director
Public Investment Fund
Mrs. Sara Essam AlMuhaidib
Mrs. Sara Essam AlMuhaidib Chief Executive Officer
Mayar Industries for Food
Honorary Board Members
Princess Abeer Bint Faisal Bin
Turki Al Saud
Mrs. Ayasha Al Khamous
Mrs. Ayasha Al Khamous Owner First Investment EST
Her Royal Highness Princess
Her Royal Highness Princess Sara Bin Fahd Bin Salman
Al Saud
EXCOM Committee
Mr. Mark J. Alderson
Mr. Mark J. Alderson Chairman, EXCOM
Mr. Ghaleb Alghoutani
Mr. Ghaleb Alghoutani EXCOM Member
Mrs. Rania Moualla
Mrs. Rania Moualla Founder & Chairman
Mr. Bader Alreziza
Mr. Bader Alreziza Board Member
Advisory Board International
Dr. Ivan Marten
Dr. Ivan Marten Chair of ZADK International
Advisory Brand
Dr. Hanaa AlMoaibed
Dr. Hanaa AlMoaibed Vice chair of ZADK
International Advisory Brand
Chef Badr Zuhair Fayez
Chef Badr Zuhair Fayez Board Member of the KSA
Culinary Arts Authority
Mr. Joseph El Chalfoun
Mr. Joseph El Chalfoun Area Restaurants & Bars
Director for Radisson Group
Middle East & Africa
Chef Elena Arzak
Chef Elena Arzak Creative Director of
Mr. Asier Alea
Mr. Asier Alea Director of Global
Development at Basque
Culinary Center
Mrs. Lorea Uribarri
Mrs. Lorea Uribarri President of Basque Know
How Fundazioa
Mr.Abdulaziz AlOthman
Mr.Abdulaziz AlOthman Chairman of Kempiniski Al
Othman hotel and a board
member of Al- Othman
Ms. Patricia Mateo
Ms. Patricia Mateo CEO & Founder of Various
gastronomic Projects in Spain
Mr. Ronan Fitzgerald
Mr. Ronan Fitzgerald VP of Marketing & Business
Development of Swiss
Education Group