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Rania Moualla a spoonful of home

Rania has put together a cook book of traditional middle eastern recipes made easy for you. Family favorites from her mother’s table to yours.

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a book of

Traditional Middle Eastern Recipes

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A Spoonful of Home


Rania Moualla has put together a book of traditional Middle Eastern recipes made by her mother. The excellent photographs make you want to cook right away. The entire concept of this book is to illustrate that home-made meals are not complicated. With just a little bit of planning, you can have healthy, delicious daily meals without a hassle.

The aroma of a home-cooked meal draws all of us to the table. Rania believes that it has the power to bring families together, allowing them to bond, share stories, laugh, and feel loved. This book is also available in Arabic. Get one of these today. Great for a gift too.

Contribute to the community, One book at a time

All proceedings from the book sales will be forwarded to ZADK and our food for change initiative. We count on your active support on this front

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