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ZADK Culinary Art Ltd is a non-profit and independent Saudi company that will serve as a vehicle for transformation within the Saudi Arabian food sector by building a top-quality and best-in-class culinary academy; a base platform to drive social change, support Saudization efforts and help to eradicate unemployment.

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Rania Moualla
Founder & Chairman ZADK

Become a leader in culinary world

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Diploma in Culinary Arts

The academy targets Saudi youth to prepare
them for successful future culinary careers

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Culinary Arts Programs

Programs are created to provide experience and qualifications to enable students find employment in culinary field.

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Lifestyle Courses

The academy promotes usage of healthy ingredients
& cooking methods to the students.

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We educate you with a modern curriculum & traditional culinary values creating the best chefs in Saudi Arabia

The diploma program will train students all skills for culinary excellence.

1) The Saudi-Swiss Culinary Arts Diploma

2) The Saudi Culinary Arts Diploma

3) The Programme of the Culinary Arts
        – Saudi Cuisine
        – European Cuisine
        – Patissiere

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Help existing professionals to further develop their skills
Help enthusiasts to further develop their skills & children to learn good cooking skills.
Business owners/Specialists can receive expert advice and consultancy services.
Job Opportunities
In Saudi Arabia
Hotels & Restaurants
In Khobar alone
Partner Networks
For ZADK Students
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News & Events

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Our Honorary President

His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Nayef Bin AbdulAziz Al Saud
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ZADK Visits Local Farms

As part of our Local Sourcing initiative, our team visits local farms.
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Back 2 School

2 days event held at Ithra for parents & kids aimed at celebrating healthy food.
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From Our Patrons

ZADK culinary institute is a transforming initiative that on the one hand aims to train young Saudis on culinary art to become reputed chefs and develop a Saudi cuisine, and on the other hand promotes initiatives like zero waste cooking, healthy nutrition and locally produced food. Congratulations for having achieved this first milestone and having built the foundations for a successful and prestigious culinary academy that will be home of many food related initiatives. Zadk is a testimony of how a clear vision to contribute to the transformation of the society and the persistence of a group of women can achieve something that can be the seed for a total transformation of the food sector in the Kingdom
Elena Arzak was born into a family that has cooking in its blood, and is destined to succeed the world-renowned Juanmari in the family’s restaurant, Arzak, the first Basque establishment to be awarded three Michelin stars.

Dear Friends of ZADK It was a pleasure to meet you and now, I’m happy of having news from you again. I want to congratulate for the extraordinary work and effort you are doing in your project, so important for the culinary world, maintaining the essence, culture and heritage of food. I encourage you to go on and transmit, like you are doing, so important values to the new generations. You will always be in my mind I wish you lots of success
We received the visit of Mrs. Moualla at Basque Culinary Center some months ago, we are very happy to see how the project of the new school, Zack, is already a reality. Congratulation
“There is no doubt that gastronomy is a universal language which reflects who we are, where we come from, and what we and our culture and society are like. Gastronomy is also a tool which we have traditionally used with the aim of making people happy through food. In recent years, society has given us, chefs, an extraordinary power and media presence. I firmly believe that we should use our knowledge not only to make dishes of beautiful food, but also for the benefit of society. This way, we hope to give back to society the impact and importance it has conferred upon our sector. I believe that we should reconceive our stance and start to think about what we should be cooking on two fronts, from two different kitchens.

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