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Saudi Cuisine Intensive Program

3-month program

Saudi Cuisine Saudi Cuisine Saudi Cuisine
About Saudi Cuisine Saudi cuisine 3-month intensive program is designed to allow students to perform in a kitchen environment to produce a range of Saudi cuisine dishes and to use the knowledge and skills gained in Classical Cuisine in creating traditional and innovative Saudi dishes. This module is a mix of practical and theory classes the students will need to understand the different processes and techniques involved. Demonstrations with practical hands-on classes ensure the students can produce a wide range of dishes. This program will also enable the student to have a good understanding of the multiple regions in Saudi Arabia.

3 months / 12 weeks / 240 hours / 5 days a week / 4 hours a day / 20 hours a week. Program includes theory sessions, demonstrations, Practical hands on sessions, Major final Project, Evaluation on each practical, Final exam.

Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Module students will be able to:

  • Show an understanding of the different processes and fundamental techniques involved in Saudi Cuisine and its different regions.
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge and the skills required in the production of restaurant quality items.
  • Have Clear knowledge of the history behind each dish.
  • Have knowledge of Saudi spices and equipment and how they are used.
  • Produce a range of Saudi main courses.
  • Prepare a range of Saudi desserts.
  • Prepare an innovative Saudi 5 course menu, plan and cook for and event of 50 People.